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Reliable God

Memorize: Psalms 89:34

My covenant will I not break, nor alter the thing that is gone out of my lips.

Read: 1 Samuel 2:27-30

The promises of God are yea and in Him, amen! He has no other above Him that He should fear and therefore make a promise and be forced to recant it. God will not deny Himself for any reason for by two immutable things by which it is impossible for God to lie, when He speaks it is done. The manifestation may delay; but from the moment He speaks it is done. So, for you reading this today, there is good news: every promise of God for you are finding manifestation from now in Jesus name. Wait for it.

But then, it is possible to grieve the Holy Spirit to the extent of making a promise lapse; not because God is unfaithful but because the intended recipient is no longer worthy. The house of Levi had been given the priesthood office by the word of God unto Aaron about the time Israel was to depart Egypt. The position remained for many generations. Then came Eli. Though he did not err directly in the things of the Lord, but he failed to train his children up well neither did he chasten them when they derailed from the way of the Lord. What this portended was for the institution of priesthood to become so profaned that mere men had no regard for it and by extension the Lord any longer. Wherefore, to arrest the decay, God reneged on the age long promise. What a disaster. From then it was no longer out of place to find prophets (not priests any longer) appointed not from Levi, beginning with Samuel. Don’t do something to grieve the Holy Spirit of God in you.

Your refusal to pay attention to your offspring is a form of disservice to God. See to it that they dwell in righteousness at all time. Your disregard for the things of God may stand in the way of the fulfilment of that promise unto you. For as long as the house of David remained faithful to the covenant of God, the kingship in Israel remained their exclusive preserve. Our God is reliable. Don’t call Him a liar through your misbehavior that causes a failure in your enjoying the promise. Now He has promised to give you life and life more abundantly: will you take it or do you want it also to filter away? The choice is all yours.


Father, I choose life in you. Help me to enjoy life more abundantly in you in Jesus name.

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