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Sanctify the Lord!

Focus: Isaiah 8:13 - KJV

13. Sanctify the LORD of hosts himself; and let him be your fear, and let him be your dread.

Numbers 20:7-12

Like we may know, to sanctify is to set apart as or declare holy, to consecrate. The instruction, through the prophet Isaiah, is to let the Lord be our fear in sanctification or being set apart from every other imagination that appears like God. The reason alluded for Moses’ prevention from entering into the promised land is the failure to sanctify God in the presence of the children of Israel. Moses had been murmured against for thirst in the wilderness the umpteenth time. He had approached the Lord for solution. The Lord in turn, had told him what to do by giving clear instruction for him to speak to the rock and have the rock spill water for them to drink. Though considered the meekest man that lived, Moses could not contain anymore the ‘insult’ that came from his kindred and would in anger strike the rock that he was instructed to speak to, twice. In striking and not speaking to the rock, Moses was turning down the position of God and putting himself ahead of God before Israel, calling them unprintable names. There is a point a man of God gets to when he thinks he has attained a level he can do and undo and therefore, he handles God’s instruction with kid’s gloves. After all, he knows how to talk to God and He would just show mercy. Well, indeed God is merciful. But it gets to a point when by reason of the extent of the misbehavior of man, God shuts the door. No wonder He says we should seek Him while He is yet near. It is quite certain that the incident with Moses was not the first time he did not sanctify the Lord. I wonder how God felt when Moses, in anger, destroyed the tablets of the Law with the handwriting of God. Or isn’t it written that anger lies in the bosom of fools?

Beloved, don’t get too familiar with God to fail to sanctify Him, by making Him your fear before men. Never allow the misbehavior of men to pitch you against the Most-High. No matter what the situation may be, let the will of God be your pointer to act. Jesus Christ was about to face the cross. It was an agonizing moment for Him. He prayed until his skin pores brought out sweat like blood. But then, just so that He would sanctify the father before men, He said to Him, not my will but thine be done. No wonder when they took Him like a common criminal, He released Himself to them and said nothing to them for He was determined to sanctify the father before men that only the will of the father may be achieved. He had the power to destroy his abductors but, nay! That was far from the father’s will. Why can’t we be like Jesus in sanctifying the father?

SOLUTION: No will except that of the father is approvable. Let us be mindful of what we do from now. If it will not conform with the Lord’s instruction don’t do it. In essence, always seek to know first the will of the father in every situation.

Father, like the Lord Jesus Christ, help us to seek to do your will alone from today so that we may sanctify you before men in all our affairs in Jesus’ name. Let nothing of ours ever be projected above yours no matter the circumstance, in the name of Jesus. As we do your will, please surround us with your blessings and comfort at all times, in Jesus’ name.

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