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Serve God acceptably

Text: Hebrews 12:28

Wherefore we receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved, let us have grace, whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear:

Bible Reading:

Romans 12:1-16


The service of God is not just in gathering to worship and to pray. The grace we have is based on the knowledge of the truth that we have. One basis of that truth is that all souls belong unto God and He wants none to perish. Our acceptable service therefore is not about our attending “church” only. It is about the fruit that proceeds therefrom which dovetails into our relationship with all men. Brother Paul enjoins us in our reading to make our bodies a living sacrifice. He goes further to elucidate what is expected of us upon renewing our minds. Though he points more to the members of the household of faith, I believe the Lord wants us to extend it to mankind in general so that we may win many more into that same kingdom with our love. No wonder he says curse not and bless always. Let’s eschew bitterness in all our dealings. Let’s treat all beings with love for it is for their sakes also that Christ laid down His life. Please stop treating anyone with disdain. Rather, offer your love to all and sundry. Oh! Some are not loveable did you just say? It may truly appear so. But that was our state also when Christ volunteered His love to us not minding our state. To be Christ-like, you must be ready to show love to all. Only then are you able to serve the Lord acceptably. God seeks loving human agents to send to those that are perishing under the yoke of the enemy. He puts enormous resources in the care of such knowing they will utilize it as intended. Are you available for God’s service? Begin today.


Father Lord, I am available for your service; take me over completely; load me with your resources and help me to utilize it all for the benefit of mankind and to your reverence and fear in Jesus name.

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