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Show your laudable cause

Focus: Psalms 142:5 - KJV

5. I cried unto thee, O LORD: I said, Thou art my refuge and my portion in the land of the living.

Psalms 142:1-7

Times are in life when we feel abandoned and lacking of help or companion. There are times when it appears the whole life is tumbling down at which time even the closest of companions sees you as a villain or someone not to be countenanced. Like the hymn writer says, “when upon life’s billows you are tempest tossed; when you are discouraged thinking all is lost…” this time, recount your position to the Lord who is your best and most trustworthy friend and He will come through for you. Imagine the life of David: when he was brought from the backside of the desert to be anointed ‘out of turn’ by the prophet, rather than keep his head down from the likelihood of envy from his brothers, he came to the battle field ‘seeking recognition again’, and despite the rebuke of his eldest sibling, he went on as if he knew it all. By this time, he would be looked at as being proud and stubborn. So, despite his victories in battle, when Saul turned against him, his kins and those to whom the circumstances were recounted were not likely to have given him support particularly looking at the caliber of the opposition that was against him. But our man knew to whom to turn, cry and make his matter known and in the end, he had the final victory.

Are you also, like David, facing stiff challenge from the high and mighty and everyone who ordinarily would cluster around you for favors and camaraderie are now treating you like a sore thumb? Yours is not the first. It happened before. Like those before you did to succeed in the quest, run to the One who is your refuge and portion in the land of the living to save you from them that seek your life for no just cause. He is a righteous judge to see where you had erred and where you were right, and weighing it on the balance, He is sure to preserve you by His mercy even if somewhat the balance tilts against you,

SOLUTION: Cry to the Lord today for help. Tell Him how so weak you are compared to your adeversaries. Show God you are on His side by recounting a few things you had done in His name. Most importantly, approach Him hiding in the righteousness of Christ. If only you can seek Him in humility of heart and with love as your Father, you will start to experience a change.

As David cried unto the Lord and he was delivered from the spear/javelin of Saul, I join my faith with yours to cry unto the Lord that every weapon of the enemy against you will miss their target in Jesus name. And as the Lord lives, you will have victory in your battles by the righteousness of Christ in Jesus name. in all you do, please ensure not to send evil in the direction of anyone. If David had done so, he was not likely to have survived king Saul. Please be guided.

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