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Stop Praying To Satan (3) - God’s Hedge Protects

Job 1:6-12

Satan has no power over anyone that operates under the cover of God. Conversely, all power belongs to God. And because He is love, He uses His power to protect every man because He loves him. Point is, by the reason of His protection over man, whether born again or not, the devil is not able to tamper with same. Problem arises when due to test of allegiance or direct rejection of God’s presence by man, God moves His presence which is exemplified by His Light or the hedge of protection. Then is man exposed and made vulnerable for the attack of Satan. When the hedge is in place, Satan is barred. When however, there is a misunderstanding between two people and one of them is beloved of God, rather than allow the devil to harm His beloved, God will switch allegiance fully to His beloved: the one serving His purpose. For instance, even though the Lord does not want a sinner to perish, if the sinner becomes so terribly poised to have his perceived enemy (a child of God) killed, God will not leave His child to be destroyed, it is the one who refuses to see the light that the light is likely to shift from in the end. Job was said to be righteous and even Satan testified to God’s hedge around him. Until the hedge was removed, Satan was ineffective against Job. Even at that, the hedge was not completely withdrawn; it was still protecting Job’s life against the spirit of death.

No matter what prayers they are saying against you and arsenals sent your way, God has you covered and protected. No matter what declaration and/or prophesies they make against your person or life, the word of God assures that whoever the Lord has blessed, none can curse, else, Balaam would have successfully cursed Israel at the request of Balak and the innocent people would have been destroyed for nothing. For as long as God is for you, anyone that pitches against you does so at his own risk and that of his offspring because God will neither leave nor forsake you. Let not their words operate in your heart to bring you to fear. You are protected.

SOLUTION: There is no enchantment against Jacob, neither divination against Israel because the Lord’s hedge surrounds him. Ensure therefore that the hedge of God around you are never broken. For except the hedge be broken, the serpent cannot bite. Just ensure you pray for your enemies rather than pray against them.

By the power in the name of Jesus Christ, we commit you fully unto the cover of the Most-High; you will never be a victim of the wickedness of the enemy in Jesus’ name. No weapon formed against you shall prosper ever by the reason of the Lord’s hedge around you in Jesus’ name. If there be any man praying wrongly against your person, the Lord will move to redirect their hearts to righteousness from today for your sake in Jesus’ name.

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