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Stop the evil works

Text: Titus 3:8

This is a faithful saying, and these things I will that thou affirm constantly, that they which have believed in God might be careful to maintain good works. These things are good and profitable unto men.

Bible Reading:

Titus 3:1-11


There is a beautiful thing about the regeneration brought about by the sacrifice Christ wroth for sinful man. The essence of it is that, although by ordinary life, man is known to be wicked and his thoughts desperately so, through regeneration, man through Christ is expected to start to show forth issues of love and not to exhibit those traits of the condemned man which are abominable unto God. Whilst in the world, when a man behaves true to type by being abominable in his ways and works, no one is perturbed by such; but when a supposed regenerated person begins to exhibit unapprovable works, then it leaves much to be desired. It is therefore paramount for anyone who is of God to watch his works as it is the deeds of the people of God that people read and study more in the current age than the written Word of God. Where the works are not approvable, it amounts to a misrepresentation of God before other humans who may be influenced negatively as regarding godliness. Those things you say, the things you do to others are being observed by people and the same people are forming opinion of your deeds and your person. Everyone that misrepresents God denies Him. He has promised that anyone who denies Him on earth He will also deny in heaven. What do your actions and words portend to others? Are you really sure you are Christ’s representative or you are in continual denial of His person? Repent today and He will accept you and guide you going forward. Stop the evil works.

Prayer Guide:

I look up to you, dear Lord: help me in my works here on earth so that I will never live in denial of you in the name of Jesus Christ.

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