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The end of all things is at hand

Focus: 1 Peter 4:7 – KJV

7. But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.

1 Peter 4:7-11

Life is not long at all. No matter how long a man lives on the planet, it is like a vapor that soon fizzles away. It fizzles away in such a way that if care is not taken even the third generation of the person concerned do not even have a vague idea of his person. To keep living in the hearts of those whom we love and those who love us is the way to keep living when death eventually comes. This is achievable when we spend our years in love and use that which the Lord has given us in helping others. Speaking not harsh but soft words in care and counseling people in accordance with the way and will of God. When we do these things, the memory is not easily erased or forgotten. Indeed, there are Bible verses that suggest prophetically that even the earth as we know it will be no more at a point in time. When that will happen, if it will happen nobody knows. But one thing that is evidently certain is that, no man born in the flesh can live forever in the flesh. When the end does come for the individual, then the end has come. Whether we like it or not, that end comes some day and in some way no matter what. But that when is not so long away. If a child is born today and he is granted a hundred and twenty years on earth, from the time of his birth, the clock starts to tick and the period available for him goes on diminishing. Hence, his time keeps on shortening.

Beloved, some people lived on earth before our time. Some we don’t even recall they lived here. Others, we are able to recall based on their deeds when they were here. Some did very terrible things and they are remembered too. But for what will you love to be remembered. That you may be remembered at all, why not start putting your acts together to live in love. Jezebel was a witch, wicked queen and idol worshipper. Yes, we remember her. Christ lived for a very little time but went about doing good and all those who witnessed it never got cured of the experience. We all speak of Him today. It is what you do now that will matter in the end. But as it is written, there is certainty of an appointment with death. How will it meet you when it comes?

SOLUTION: Be determined to spend the rest of your years showing love to mankind, eschewing evil in all ways and in all that you do, let all the glory be unto God. Certainly, you will not pass unnoticed.

By the power in the name of Jesus, you will never die young. When it is time to go, God will cause you to be remembered for good works in Jesus name. And when it is time to give account of the works we do, may your works be found worthy in Jesus name. Keep working and walking in love. It covers a multitude of sin.

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