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The Lord our Fortress

Text: Psalms 31:3

For thou art my rock and my fortress; therefore for thy name's sake lead me, and guide me.

Read: Psalms 31:1-8


The ministry of the enemy simply is to steal, to kill and to destroy. But the enemy is a spirit too. Like some said, when you ascribe your doings to the devil, on judgment day the devil will ask you “when did I do that?” The enemy performs his enterprise through deceived humans who lack the full capacity to love. Everything therefore that seeks to do any of these to you or any of your kins and belongings is from the enemy even though you see such activities being put forth by human beings.

The example of Peter comes to mind. He had listened to Christ so much about how Christ must die for the salvation of mankind to come. But at the critical time, he was deceived to believe he needed not allow Christ to die because of their friendship. This was against the love of mankind and therefore aimed at stealing salvation from mankind. To the onlooker, it appeared like the love for Christ, but it is what it is, the ministry of Satan. Thank God for being our Rock and our Fortress. He saw through the devise of the enemy in Peter. If you will allow Him to be your fortress also, rest assured that He will guide you away from destruction every time the enemy seeks to destroy you. Please be mindful that when the enemy seeks to destroy you, he comes through your best friends and acquaintances. Check the case of Jesus and Peter. Check Adam and Eve. The list is endless. No wonder the Bible speaks about your enemies being those of your household.

You must therefore be sober and be vigilant against the wiles and devices of the enemy who will seek to perform his enterprise through your friends. Please note that the wiles will be in the form of a loving gesture. Don’t take the forbidden fruit. As long as you do your part in prayers, God will fortify you and always deliver you from the trap of the enemy. On the flip side, please don’t yield yourself an instrument in the hands of the enemy to buffet anyone. If you so do, you may be pitching yourself against the Consuming Fire who stands as fortress for His own.

Pray: Father, I thank you for being my Rock and Fortress, my Guide against the enemy’s attacks. Please continue to keep me fortified even as you help me never to yield myself as an instrument in the hands of the enemy in Jesus name.

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