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The path of life

Key verse: Psalms 16:11

Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.

Read: Psalms 16:1-11

Life is full of intrigues. Many have gone through it full of regrets in the end. Some had really succeeded in it to the extent that they felt fulfilled before departing. There are yet others who, though appeared to have enjoyed, were full of all manner of ills that they could not share with any other and in the end, they had their heads bowed. The bottom line to these people is the existence of pleasure in their lives. Pleasure is a state of sensual gratification. Whereas there is a state of pleasure that is positive and good, there is also illicit pleasure which hurts the soul. The latter is what many people pursue whereas it ends in regrets in the end. To get the positive pleasure, there is need to have a better pursuit.

To overcome the intrigues of life and get the positive pleasure therein, there is need to trust in God. Putting one’s trust in God will propel him into placing reliance in God for guidance and direction. Guidance and direction are obtained when one is able to access the presence of God. No filthy being can access such presence. Anyone that however accesses the presence of God obtains fullness of joy as he will be led through the path of life for success and positive pleasure.

Are you able to access God’s presence? Moses got there and lived a Hundred and Twenty years without any of his natural features abating. With a little peep, Caleb testified when he was Eighty-Five that he was as strong as he was at forty. Elijah was standing in His presence to be able to command rain to cease for over three years. While king Saul accessed His presence, he got the domineering Spirit to conquer his enemies and lead the people of God. But when iniquity was found in him and he departed the presence of God, he lost the good Spirit and got another instead.

Where are you? In filth and without the presence of God? You are in a dangerous terrain if that is your state. Return to His presence by amending your ways and He will yet show you the path of life.

Pray: Father, please keep me in your presence that you may forever show me the path of life in Jesus name. help me never to depart from your presence no matter what.

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