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The righteous is preserved in wealth

Focus: Proverbs 10:3 - KJV

3. The LORD will not suffer the soul of the righteous to famish: but he casteth away the substance of the wicked.

Matthew 27:3-5

It profits a man nothing to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul in perdition. There were two great disciples of Christ. The one was a righteous follower who, by the flesh, vowed never to lose sight of the Christ. The other was so close to the Master that He made him keeper of the purse for the ministry. Now, when any being is close to the Lord, they are more susceptible to temptation than others. So, the enemy sought to pull down each of these two disciples. The one, Peter, for his righteous course, was prayed for by the Lord to forestall his being seaved like wheat, while the other, Judas, who had always pilfered the purse, was left to face his waterloo. Even the sum he received for his escapade in betraying the Christ did not benefit him. The Lord is too righteous to allow the soul of a righteous being to be famished. Peter prospered. But He puts away the substance of the wicked. Judas suffered ignominy.

Beloved, in each of us is either a Peter or a Judas. The Judas is always in betrayal of the Master, doing things that he believes is hid from God just to prosper his ways. But can anyone deceive God? The Peter, though may be careless in his approach at times, has a sincere heart towards the well-being of God and all that pertains to Him. And will God not recompense such? What are you doing that resembles that of Judas? It can only lead to destruction and loss. The Lord Himself is willing to bear you up if your heart is Peter-like. Make a good choice today. Don’t do anything that betrays the Lord ever again. Stick solidly with Him. He is your banner and refuge and He will pray for you.

I declare concerning you that everything that has been drawing you towards the betrayal of the Master are terminated for your sake forthwith in Jesus name. The grace to be faithful to God in all things and enjoy the blessings thereof you will receive today in the name of Jesus Christ. No devil will ever be able to destroy your purpose in Jesus name. Better than Peter, you will shine for the Lord in the name of Jesus Christ. Ride on in righteousness with Christ. You will never regret your service unto Him. You are lifted.

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