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The Time Is At Hand

Focus: Revelation 1:3

Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.

Romans 13:11-14

The time for the appearing of the Lord is known to no one, not even the angels. But of course, there is a set time known to the Father. Ironically, every bit of the day, time is spent and not necessarily acquired. So, every minute spent draws us nearer to the set time and not farther. No wonder the Apostle Paul counsels that we redeem the time for the days are evil. The days are evil in that every time that passes without us being in God’s will is a wasted time which points towards doom. Very many centuries ago, John the beloved wrote the revelation he got down and said the time is at hand. Casual observers will assume, ‘why has not the time come?’, forgetting that a thousand years in the sight of God is just like a vigil. You are reading this today because the Lord wants you to know time is running on you. Those who in the past got the same caution but refused to heed the warning may not be around to share their experience but there are watchers who recount the same. When their time was up, they departed the scene. This is not to say that is the way the prophesy is to be fulfilled in every life. But what do we know? All we are required to do is be conscious that the day is at hand.

We are to therefore cast away the works of darkness and embrace the light; we are to put on the Lord Jesus Christ like a garment. This means we are not to make provision for the flesh. Whatever Christ is not known for, we must not be with. Mary Magdalene was said to be a harlot and possessor of devils. When she encountered Christ, her life changed from darkness to light. She refused to let Christ go even after His death. Her relationship with Him makes some people say, even today, that she was His spouse. That is what Christ demands from you and I. Let the fusion between you and Christ be so inseparable like that of man and wife so that when the set time comes, you will still be found in Him. The time is nearer now for the Lord to appear than the time you first believed the gospel. You may have spent time in frolic in the past. The remainder of your days can be spent like Paul in redeeming the wasted time by sowing yourself fully into righteousness and the light of the Kingdom. Make hay today while the sun still shines. The next hour may be late.

Father, help me to put my heart to wisdom in the use of my time so that I may remain your profitable son to the end in Jesus’ name. Please elongate my life that I may spend more time doing your will so as to cover lost grounds in Jesus’ name. Let me never lose my good rewards in you in Jesus’ name.

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