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True Freedom Is In Christ

Focus: John 8:36 - KJV

36. If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

Leviticus 25:8-10

From the day Adam submitted his authority over the earth to the devil, slavery and servitude were introduced into human lives as man became slave to the devil. This manifested in many ways by which men lived together from then. It became the survival of the fittest. Things that man did not bring to the world, he sought entitlement to and control of over his fellow men. It resulted in forcefully putting others in bondage whom he ought to love. This was the case in Egypt between the Egyptians and the Israelis. Moses, having been schooled in Egyptian traditions and being a Jew understood the tenets of slavery and servitude to a large extent from the different standpoints. He therefore determined that no one should be allowed to be in servitude perpetually whereby he gave a law about jubilee and freedom which was measured in years. But that is not a solution to the bondage of man. Except a problem be dislodged from its roots, it would still germinate. Hence, because there is no love in slavery, God who is love made a provision for freedom from bondage and servitude through Jesus’ sacrifice. Such that by the death and resurrection of Christ, mankind was set loose from the bondage of the devil. Unlike the Jubilee decreed by Moses, Christ gave the entire human race an instant and perfect jubilee in that we need not count years before we attain our jubilee. Once you accept the sacrifice of Christ, it became available to you instantly. No devil can hold you bound again unless you resubmit yourself to him.

Please accede to scripture and stop putting yourself in bondage from which you had long been released. The power of the devil to hold you bound had been taken away from him when Jesus arose and declared He has all powers. Please don’t be like the horse released from its stake but refused to enjoy its freedom having been tied mentally, but no longer physically, to the stake. Because the Lord Jesus Christ has set you free, you are free indeed. If anyone decides to remain in bondage, it is no longer Christ’s problem but a matter of choice. Do please enjoy your freedom in Christ by renewing your mind.

SOLUTION: We have a perfect jubilee in Christ Jesus and not in Moses’ laws. Take benefit of the freedom given by Christ by accepting the same. Take your mind out of servitude and the laws of Moses. Assert your freedom by renewing your mind. Since you are a servant to whom you obey, let Jesus and not the devil be your Lord from now. Never yield again to the position of the devil. It truncates liberty.

Father, thank you for the freedom you gave to us through your sacrifice that makes us free indeed. Please, accept our thanks in the name of Jesus Christ. As we operate in your freedom from now better than before, please let no devil put us back in bondage of any kind in Jesus’ name. Make the benefits of being liberated be manifest in our lives and persons in Jesus’ name.

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