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Unity and Love

Focus: Colossians 3:15 - KJV

15. And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful.

Colossians 3:12-17

When a house is divided against itself, it cannot stand. Unity is key to progress. When mankind got united somewhere in the beginning of their existence, they built together a great tower with the mind of having it get to heaven. The scattering that happened prevented that from getting effected. The enemy also understands this principle and is always out to ensure believers don’t speak with one voice so that they don’t achieve that which they are sent to achieve. The antidote to the poison of disunity which the enemy is pushing at believers, is love. It conquers. When the devil worked to scatter Esau and Jacob, disunity came with hatred and fear showing. But over time, by the reason of love, anger and hatred vanished and there was renewed hope of brotherhood. Love is powerful and

has the capacity to dislodge the antics of the enemy targeted at disunity. If we love one another, whatever we hear or see of the other, will not move us to hate or dislike the other. Rather, it should spur us to seek explanation and resolution. It is pride and greed at times that make loving our neighbor difficult. Now, if that is mentioned in the household of faith, one begins to wonder. But then, there is nothing new under the heavens. The scriptures anticipated it knowing that the enemy will find it a worthy tool towards disunity. But must we allow it to thrive?

Love is God’s command to us. If we find it difficult to love one another, we cannot claim to be of God. If we will become like little children, there will be no lingering anger or hatred to the extent of animosity or evil pursuit. What can anyone do that will warrant wanting to hack him or her down? If indeed we are of God, nothing is worth it. Rather than hack down, we should be lifting up and embracing our neighbors to foster unity in the body. Therein lies our strength. The peace of God in our hearts engenders love.

SOLUTION: Close your mind to negative thoughts about that neighbor. No matter what you heard, you may be wrong after all. But then, you can gain your brother back if you will spread your arms for his embrace rather than pushing him further away.

The Lord will help us all to form a permanent state of love in our hearts never to be angry to the extent of hatred again in Jesus’ name. By the reason of love, God will unify us as His church even before the year runs out in Jesus’ name. In unity, the enemy will be made to prostrate before our King in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Embrace love. It heals.

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