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Wait on the Lord!

Key verse: Proverbs 20:22 - KJV

22. Say not thou, I will recompense evil; but wait on the LORD, and he shall save thee.

1 Peter 3:8-17

It is a hard thing for those who dwell in the flesh to stand up for the things of the Kingdom. To so stand is to be ready for all manner of persecution and what have you. It is scary to see one’s kins being killed for the sake of the Kingdom without redress coming from any quarter. Meanwhile, the One whom we believe enjoins us never to avenge ourselves. He wants us with our good, to win the evil doer. What? Does that mean we should not defend ourselves? Well, our defense is in the One whom we believe! Very hard piece to swallow. Yet, if we say we believe, then we should stick with our belief! It is either God is true or He is not. What the enemy seeks anyway, is to have us deny our faith in Him that we may lose both ways. How can we expect anything good to come from an evil one? If we deny the Christ because of the threat of death and the wicked eventually kills us, what will then be our gain? Even if he doesn’t momentarily, wouldn’t we still die someday?

As soldiers of Christ, we are to wait for our Commander in the battle of the world. If we recompense evil for evil then are we in no way different from the evil doers. But if we wait on God, He works in mysterious ways. Haman had plotted evil against all Jews in all the provinces in the days of Ahasuerus the king of the Medes. All that needed be done to reverse that was for the faithful to wait on the Lord for three days. Thereafter, the Lord came through with His own strategy. The enemy was humiliated, dethroned and hanged with his family. One of those he planned to kill was elevated to his position and handed power to make a new decree that assured life to his people. They had the last laugh. Our God is still alive. He is the same throughout eternity. What He did in the days of Queen Esther, He is about to do now. All we need do is wait on Him and keep our focus; not paying evil for evil. No! That does not depict our being.

Beloved! It is a beautiful day. Let’s combine forces with others who are faithful to wait on the Lord and cry unto Him regarding the evil that is being done against the believers in Christ. Spend some time to seek the face of the Lord for intervention like He intervened for Mordechai and the Jews in the days of Esther. Pray that the Lord will by Himself avenge the death of those who have been killed unjustly by evil workers. Let God arise!

Pray: Father, the workers of evil are gaining ground with the impression that you are not God. Lord please arise now and let your enemies be scattered in the name of Jesus.

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