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Walk in God’s ways

Key verse: Psalms 128:1-2

1 Blessed is every one that feareth the LORD; that walketh in his ways. 2 For thou shalt eat the labour of thine hands: happy shalt thou be, and it shall be well with thee.

Joshua 10:8-14

Relationship with God is not a mouth affair. As we profess it, we ought also to show it in our actions. Everyone that is of God must of necessity fear Him and obey His commands, doing everything He wants done and abstaining from those things He abhors. The promise of God regarding every such person is that he shall be well, happy and eat the fruits of his labor. Part of the ways to measure blessedness is this. But it emanates from fearing God to do His Will. Christ, being God in the flesh, while He was Son of man will not so much as discard the Will of the Father for His when the burden of human sin appeared too heavy to bear. Like Him, for us also to be blessed, we must strive always to do the Will of God.

Joshua was a man like us, or less. He was told to step into Moses’ shoes and did not renege. He had walked long enough with Moses to fear the God whom Moses professed. He therefore accepted the responsibility of leading Israel, the people Moses claimed were responsible for his not entering the promised land to the knowledge of Joshua. He accepted the responsibility and also obeyed every injunction that proceeded from God to him. Soon, he started to reap the profit of being blessed: he saw the Jordan part for him and his company to cross; like a joke, the wall of Jericho became flat for their sake; Ai became a desolate ground without much ado; five Amorite kings that came with their armies against Joshua’s ally were discomfited with stones dropping from the sky to kill soldiers. Suddenly, knowing whom he feared and who was empowering him, Joshua commanded the elements to stand still, addressing the Lord, and it was so for him, a fete that never happened before and has not happened after. Such are parts of the gains of fearing God.

If only we too will fear God and walk in His ways from today, people will soon start to testify of the manifold blessings of God in our lives. Indeed, everything we lay our hands to do and whatever we will, in so far as it agrees with the Will of God starts to manifest for us from hence in the name of Jesus. Happy Day!

Pray: O Lord, please help me to operate always in your fear, never to depart from your ways for the rest of my life on earth in Jesus name. let me be so blessed that the blessed call me blessed in the name of Jesus.

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