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Walk worthy of God

Memorize: 1 Thessalonians 2:11-12

11 As ye know how we exhorted and comforted and charged every one of you, as a father doth his children, 12 That ye would walk worthy of God, who hath called you unto his kingdom and glory.

Read: Genesis 5:18-24

There is something about God that most people ignore: God cannot because of anyone deny Himself. He is no respecter of persons. Most people take God for granted particularly because men call them Men of God. They forget the truism in the saying that two cannot walk together except they be agreed. It is a beautiful thing to be able to walk with God. Indeed, it is a great privilege which every right-thinking person should aspire to. But, not everyone can have the benefit of such privilege in that God is righteous. He is a holy and perfect God. Therefore, anyone that must walk with Him must be holy and perfect.

In our reading, we discover that before Enoch, there were beings in his lineage and after him, the same. Yet, God did not take any other aside Enoch, neither was it specifically recorded that any other walked with God among them. It is that something was peculiar about Enoch: he walked worthy of the Lord. God had called Abram’s father to proceed specifically to Canaan. He got to Ur of the Chaldees and stopped. He died there without completing the mission. God then told Abram his son to proceed without telling him where to go but with instruction to leave everyone in his kindred. He took his nephew out of pity since he was an orphan. This was his undoing that caused him a delay of about twenty-five years. When he eventually parted ways with the nephew, God instructed him afresh saying: my friend, if you must succeed with me, you must walk worthy of me by walking before me and being perfect.

God has a great program for you also; but your haphazard/zig-zagged movement has been an impediment. Has God been giving you directives and you have not been implementing it perfectly? You are just delaying the planned progress by doing so and God is not affected. When you are ready, He may still be there for you. Be focused in your walk with God. Stop the distraction. God knows better than you do. Abram’s nephew for whom he disobeyed God did not countenance him when the chips were down. Lean on God solely.


Father, I want more of you. Help me never to stray from your presence throughout the days of my life in the mighty name of Jesus.

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