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Watch Those Idle Words

Focus: Matthew 12:36-37 - KJV

36. But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. 37. For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.

Matthew 12:31-37

There are times that we are careless with the use of our tongues to the extent that we don’t even mind speaking against God just because of our situation or circumstance. There are words said judging another albeit in ignorance and therefore wrongly to the effect that when the other gets to know of the thing said, it brings him great pain and is drawn towards bitterness. Meanwhile, God has said, blasphemy against the Holy Spirit shall not be forgiven; and if anyone will make any of the little children to stumble, it will be better that the same had a mill tied around his neck and thrown in the sea, than for what he would face in judgment. Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit can happen when we speak wrongly of someone who carries Him. Jesus carried Him. John the Baptist knew it. Yet, he sent words demeaning Jesus to Him asking if He was the Christ or another should be awaited. By that He meant Christ was slack concerning His assignment and for that, Israel was under pressure. Alas, for this ‘blasphemy’, he was shut out of the Kingdom of which he had preached to and baptized others. His idle words were his undoing. All Gehazi did was to tell Naaman not to mind his boss, he has realized himself and changed his mind sending me to take from you. His idle words made him leprous eventually. Some idle words are not discovered in this life but will be made plain at the judgment. Of course,

with their rewards. Those words will either justify or condemn you. Watch what you say.

Please be careful about what you say. By speech many are ensnared. Words even make many to stay away from you imagining that if you could say this about someone else, you probably would do same about them or even worse. He who keeps his mouth keeps his soul from trouble is the counsel of the wise man. It is better to heed that warning than to regret. Words once released can not be withdrawn. The withdrawal mechanism is not known. Once released, it has the power to kill and to destroy people who ordinarily have good hearts and turn them to haters. Life and death are in its power. Use your words with wisdom. Don’t say things that will hurt another.

SOLUTION: Zip up. Words innate can never be quoted. Anything said about same goes to the realm of assumption since it was never spoken. Speak less, listen more.

Father, please forgive me for all the fire I’d lit with my tongue in the past. Cleanse me from the filth and guilt thereof in Jesus’ name. From now, please put a restraint over my mouth so that I do not say things that are not necessary in Jesus’ name. Please do not let me be guilty of idle words at the judgment in Jesus’ name.

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