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Watch your mouth


Prov. 21:23

Whoso keepeth his mouth and his tongue keepeth his soul from troubles.

Read: 2 Sam. 1:1-15


Although the mouth has great functions one of which is speech, as good as it is to speak, it is more expedient to listen than to speak most of the time. The advise of scripture is to keep one’s mouth and tongue so that the soul is kept from troubles.

Many fall into a snare and are troubled for their sayings. What you have not said can not be quoted. Once thought is couched in speech, it becomes vulnerable and usable either for good or evil. No matter how beautiful your intention when putting out words, it can be twisted and used against you.

Henceforth, do please guide your mouth with all diligence so that it will not be a source of ensnaring you. In our bible passage today, although the Amalekite assumed he would be applauded for being the slayer of David’s “arch enemy” and the one standing between him and the throne as well as the cause of his being a fugitive. Rather than obtain a price for his deed, because he mouthed the fact that he slayed the king, the anointed of God he earned himself death. Perhaps if he had only reported seeing the dead Saul he would have lived. Better still, if he bore no tale at all, no one would have accused him of doing wrong. What you want to say, you already know; what you are about to hear may be new entirely.

It is expedient to heed the counsel of the wise man. Please keep your mouth.


Psalm 39:1 – Lord help me to keep my mouth shut with a bridle this year while the wicked is before me so that I may not sin against you, in Jesus’ name.

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