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What Are Your Thoughts?

Focus: Psalms 139:23-24 - KJV

23. Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: 24. And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.

Isaiah 14:12-14

It is Christmas eve today. Let us glorify God for keeping us alive and making us witness this day. As beautiful as the season is, many of us require great spiritual heart surgery. Since every issue of life proceeds from the heart, there is need for us to have our hearts examined of God and purged of every evil thought to keep us in the everlasting path of life. The notion of Christmas is the celebration of the birth of our Redeemer and the deliverer of mankind from sin and death. While rejoicing and celebrating in the season, it will be counter-productive to carry in us thoughts that are inimical to the purpose for which Christ was born. The Lord has done for us all that we need to have a good life. Rather than pay Him in evil coin, we ought to be grateful. The first major ingratitude was of Lucifer. The Lord created him with pearls and made him the cherub that “covereth” the glory shining from the presence of God to aid others in approaching. His appearance before other beings got into his head and he took a thought to raise his throne above that of God and that became a challenge to God’s authority for which he was cast out of the presence of God. We also have been adorned in the beauty of God through Christ’s sacrifice. Whatever thought we bear in our hearts that tend to challenge God’s authority over our lives can only exist to pitch us against God. Let us place it before God today that He may help us in exorcising it that we may remain whole in Christ Jesus.

Beloved, every thought that is not in consonance with the will of God are aimed at challenging the authority of God. Thoughts about sidelining others in business or raking in public funds as a public servant to the detriment of others; taking advantage of the opposite sex because of the yuletide; lying against an innocent person so as to have some special advantage or gain and so on, are defiling thoughts and tend towards dare consequences with God. The earlier we hold all such thoughts captive and into obedience unto God, the better. Let us not turn the celebration into a religious ritual of no essence.

SOLUTION: Give regard unto God regarding the Christmas and indeed your own life and being. Do not allow evil thoughts to draw you to sin. Submit yourself unto God like David for a heart check and if there be any foul thought, a surgical removal, that in the end you may be led in the way everlasting.

Lord, we thank you for giving yourself to us in ransom for our sin. Please accept our thanks in Jesus’ name. In this season of love and for the rest of our lives, please search our hearts and purge them of every evil and wicked thoughts that we may always be qualified to ascend your hill in Jesus’ name. Please keep us with pure hearts at all times in Jesus’ name.

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