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What Do You Desire?

Focus: Psalms 37:4 - KJV

4. Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

Psalms 37:1-11

Good day lover of God. In this new day, may the Lord delight in your doings and bless you tremendously for it in the name of Jesus Christ. The mind of God is to grant the desires of the hearts of those who love and delight in Him. We do so by loving Him and obeying His commands. There is a tendency among men to view the seeming success of others and be affected negatively by it. At times, without knowing the source of the supposed wealth and at other times, with full knowledge that the supposed wealth is borne out of evil. The counsel of God is that we don’t get our hearts tainted by their seeming prosperity. Rather, we are to focus on God. If we don’t, we are likely to fret and end up being like them, doing evil. But the end of the evil doer is not good and the Bible says their end shall come quickly. Since we do not want to end abruptly, we are to abstain from evil. The flip side is for us to delight always in the Lord and His laws. That takes us far away from destruction apart from the fact that it endears us to the Lord to meet our heart desires. Truth is, those who delight in the Lord shall inherit the earth in the end.

Friend, don’t let the carriage, personality or affluence of anyone sweep you off your feet. It is all vanity and if carnally gathered, will end in rot and serious peril. For those who do wait upon their Lord shall inherit the earth, we are enjoined to remain meek and calm in the place the Lord has placed us and if our hearts remain pure, we shall reap the benefit. Imagine you getting all the best that you ever desired without much ado? That is what God wants to do for you now, if you will delight in Him and His laws.

SOLUTION: What is it that the Lord has done for you that make you detest Him so much that you antagonize and persecute Him? If you will change and be focused, loving God and delighting in His word, you will soon testify to His goodness.

The Lord will make you His beloved more than ever from now in Jesus’ name. The power of God shall take you from zero to hero indeed in Jesus’ name. All your godly desires shall become manifest from now in Jesus’ name.

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