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Who is the wise?

Key verse: Proverbs 3:7

Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil.

Luke 12:16-21

It is evil to have excess of wealth and resources while there is suffering all around without lending a sizeable helping hand to the needy. It is crass foolishness to stack up resources that we do not really need per time while others are suffering. Those who do so stack up things for those they know not who will eventually squander everything when they are gone. Only God knows precisely those that will remain tenants on His earth in the next twenty-four hours. Since we do not know and cannot determine when we will breathe our last on earth, why do we stack up unnecessary wealth that even the offspring may not have a clue about?

It is foolishness and evil to disobey God in any aspect of life. The reason God told Israel not to marry among the inhabitants of the promised land that were not Jewish was to forestall the doctrines of the living God which they had been taught from being adulterated in a way that may lead to idolatry. For as long as Israel disobeyed, they exposed themselves to the torture of the devil in that God removes Himself from their affairs until they turned from their evil ways. Those who assume they are wise in their own eyes and disregard the laws of God, do so to their own peril. Wisdom belongs to God.

To be wise, we need to fear the Lord. The fear of God makes one to eschew evil completely. Things done that are not in consonance with love are evil. Raising the price of a commodity with a view to exploiting a customer is evil. Embezzling funds or conniving with others or condoning them when they embezzle funds that should be for the development of the people’s well-being is evil. Lying to obtain money for selfish use when the people are told it is for another purpose, is evil. Immoral relationship with anyone to whom you are not married is evil. Immoral affairs between people of the same sex is crass evil. Turning one’s back on God in the believe that we have no need of Him for the reason of affluence is foolishness and therefore, evil. For every evil done, the doer is one who considers himself wise but operating in foolishness and prone to peril. Don’t be caught in the web of foolishness and evil. Run for your life now. The evil one who is the one luring you to do evil has no mercy. He misleads and ditches. Separate from him. Be wise.

Pray: Father, help me to operate in your wisdom never to engage in evil in Jesus name.

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