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Your Safety Has Been Commanded

Focus: Psalms 71:3 - KJV

3. Be thou my strong habitation, whereunto I may continually resort: thou hast given commandment to save me; for thou art my rock and my fortress.

Psalms 91:1-10

Often times in life we are confronted by very tricky situations that we know ourselves that but for God, there was no way we could have escaped. Elisha’s servant saw the Syrian hosts and must have naturally wet his pants from the terror that confronted himself and his boss. That is the kind of terror that many people are faced with almost on a regular basis. Many do overcome because they make the Lord their rock, fortress and strong habitation, like David. When he was a fugitive from the dictates of Saul, David knew he could not confront Saul for the following reasons: Saul was God’s anointed whom he must not strike or touch with evil; the army Saul commanded was the army of the Almighty God; as king, Saul had a larger number of loyalists in the army than David could think of persuading. Hence, every time Saul moved against him and did not get him, David knew he was hidden by the Lord who called and anointed him. It must therefore have been God commanding His creatures to ensure the safety of His servant, David. Like David, anyone that God finds to be after His own heart, He keeps and commands to be protected. Peter was to be taken out of prison and killed like James. But the eve of his intended assassination the Lord commanded an angel to free him from his dungeon. It does not matter what circumstance it may be; God can command any of His creatures for the sake of the righteous. For Daniel and Peter, angels were commanded. But for the three Hebrew boys, He commanded Himself to their rescue from the fiery furnace.

Friends, it does not matter what manner of terror glares you in the face at the moment, if the Lord God Jehovah be your Rock, Fortress and Habitation, nothing can by any means hurt you for before the terror came into place, the Lord has already issued His command for you to be saved. Believe this: the One you have made your hiding place neither sleeps nor slumber. Every move of the enemy is glaring in His face and He is not weak a God not to be able to save you. Like He did for the Hebrew boys, when push comes to shove, He will command Himself to arise on your behalf and save the day for you. But are you really entitled to enjoy the benefit of His command for safety? Are you truly abiding under His wings or under His shadow? Therein lies the safety of the just.

SOLUTION: Run and take cover under the shadow of the Almighty today. Doing so means jettisoning every load of darkness and deciding to abide by the rules of His engagement. Such rules are found in love and nothing else but love.

Father, we appreciate your cover over our lives all these while that you have not allowed the enemy to consume us. Please accept our thanks in Jesus’ name. We hide ourselves in you the more from now better than ever; please keep us hidden in you and let not the enemy catch us in his wickedness in Jesus’ name. Please command every creature to pay obeisance unto us by protecting us from the fangs of the enemy in Jesus’ name. Let no terror cause us to cringe or be upturned in Jesus’ name.


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