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Any contraband?

Key verse: John 14:30

30. Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.

2 Timothy 4:6-8

Heaven is real. There are dwellers in heaven already. Many who live on earth but have the mind to be in heaven someday, have had the vision of heaven which in so many ways have reinvigorated their faith about the existence of the heavenly country. In that country, there are rules and great order. As a prerequisite therefore, only those who succeed on earth in maintaining the heavenly kind of order qualify to dwell in the heavenly country. This is so because, no one has the time policing others about. The rules in heaven are borne out of innate character traits. Once that trait is missing, the one that lacks it is not allowed into the kingdom as he is a misfit. Those things that make a man a misfit are part of the devil’s baggage. In a manner of speaking, they are contraband.

The main contraband that prevents man from getting into heaven is evil. This is the opposite of love. What amounts to evil is easily detectable. Whatever we do to others that we would not want done to us is evil. Some do not want those subordinate to them deal or relate directly with their own superiors. Indeed, they have had to axe people on duty for doing so. Yet they find it auspicious for some subordinate to fly over their superiors to relate with them at the higher cadre. You look down at superiors and want subordinates to look up to you. Never do to others what you can’t accept. It is evil, as simple as it sounds. Our example, Jesus Christ, walked this same realm and came through declaring that He bore no contraband. Well, He is God incarnate. But we see another example in Apostle Paul who was full mortal. If he could achieve it, we can also. Lazarus had no contraband but the rich man did and was not allowed in Heaven. His contraband? Lack of love which is evil. We ask God to do for us all that we need yet we can’t extend the same love to our neighbor. It is evil and therefore a contraband. Anytime it appears God is not responding to us, we feel bad and disgruntled. Shouldn’t the same reaction come our ways when we fail to show love?

We all need to check what contraband we carry. The test should be: what will Christ do in the circumstance? If we do what Christ would, our visa is guaranteed.

Pray: Father, help me to be like you in all ways that I may never carry any contraband on my way to you in Jesus name.

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