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Are you the one?

Memorize: John 4:23

But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him.

Read: Acts 2:1-4

God is out looking for those who will worship and relate with Him among humans. Anytime He finds such, He creates a partnership with the same and is always in fellowship with Him. You wonder why many attend gatherings called church and are not enjoying the same grace; or why He seeks someone despite the multitude that gather every Friday, Saturday and Sunday?

Hannah was a regular caller at Shiloh. It will appear she was just a social regular caller for a long time. But when her spirit sought the Lord truthfully, the Lord found her. Many today are only on social visit to gatherings in the name of worshipping God. The Lord is not particular about them to enter partnership with them.

When a group gathered in the Upper Room in the days of the early disciples to worship God, because they meant business and worshipped God in spirit and in truth, the Lord found every one of them and like cloven tongues of fire descended on each one with evidence of speaking in diverse tongues. There was a great communion between them and the Lord who gave them utterance. He entered a partnership with them with great dividend following: preaching in diverse tongues, healing the sick, bringing a multitude to salvation at a time, exhibiting boldness before the oppressors and so on.

Stop your social visit to gatherings in the name of worshipping God. Be resolute about worship. God is looking for you to partner with if you will worship Him in spirit and in truth. He is set to pour His Spirit upon all flesh in a congregation if they will be in one accord, in spirit. Stop the jamboree. Be deliberate about your worship.

The Lord is poised to release resources for the end time use of the kingdom to His partners. So, He is seeking those to partner with thereon. Are you available? Get serious. Samuel was a product of Hannah’s seriousness. Yours will be an experience the world will never forget if you will yield now.


Father, I love you and I am available to worship you in spirit and in truth. Help me O Lord: so that every time I come to your worship everything called distraction is banished from me; help me to be absolutely concentrated on you in Jesus name.

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