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Ask According to the will of God

Focus: 1 John 5:14 - KJV

14. And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us:

James 4:1-3

The position of God is that when we ask, we ought to receive. But, if we look generally at the world today, we will discover that many have asked many things and received nothing. Can we then assume that God is unrighteous? Far from it. God is faithful in all ramification. He is never able to lie. Hence, when He takes a position, (and for all intents and purposes, all positions He would take, He already took from the foundation of the world) He sticks with it. Therefore, since God had said thou shall not kill, He cannot be found saying kill for particular reason. If He does, then it makes Him a waverer. So then, whenever we ask and our asking is out of His will, He will not because of us and our illicit requests change His person. Some would ask for instance, that God should kill their neighbors for whom Christ left His glory in heaven to suffer and die on earth. Others will request materials just for the sake of oppressing and not assisting their fellow beings. Yet some others ask things that are programmed to destroy them. Whatever we ask that does not dovetail into love if granted, is outside the will of God and if we find it, it is not God granting it but the devil giving way to allow it be that he may fulfil his enterprise.

What is it that you have been asking God for all these while that appear not to have come? Hannah wanted a son just so that she may show that she was not barren and to call Peninnah’s bluff but had not. The day she thought otherwise and decided she would give her son to be God’s prophet, her prayer was answered. Why not check whether your asking also fits into God’s plan and purpose? If not, please reconfigure and redirect for quick answers today.

SOLUTION: Check the content of every prayer request. Those that do not support love, put them aside or reconfigure them to fit the mind of God which is love. Ask God to forgive you for asking amiss and then proceed to re-table your reconfigured request.

The Lord that answers by fire! We re-present our outstanding requests on your altar before the mercy seat today; please by your mercy answer us speedily in the name of Jesus Christ. Help to wipe away all tears from every user of this Guide by the reason of your answer to our prayers in Jesus’ name. And by the reason of the manifestation of the answers, let many celebrate with us and glorify your name in Jesus’ name. Hallelujah!

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