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Await the promise

Memorize: Hebrews 6:15

And so, after he had patiently endured, he obtained the promise.

Read: 2 Samuel 2:1-5

Life is a battle. The battle is raised by man’s enemy against him to prevent him from fulfilling God’s purpose. Once the enemy becomes aware of the fact that a man is sent to do something for the betterment of mankind, he moves in all directions to scuttle it.

The Lord Jesus was here to save mankind from the sin of Adam. The moment the devil got whiff of it, he moved to have him killed resulting in the death of innocent children from age zero to two at the time. Same was the position with the birth of Moses. David had a promise hanging on his head to be king over Israel. The moment the enemy knew it, he caused rivalry between him and his Commander in Chief such that David became a fugitive and went through a lot of pain. At a point, for his safety, he had to feign insanity. What a tragedy. All the while, the promise was not aborted. But for him to attain the promise, he had to endure all manner of things. Eventually, like Jesus Christ, he obtained the promise. The adversary raised by the devil died and there was a vacancy.

Everyone delaying the manifestation of the promise of God over your life shall be dealt with today for your sake in Jesus name. The promise was for David to become the king of Israel. Once, he became king over a part, the enemy raised another adversary over the remaining part. Please never despair at the devil’s works against your life once you are certain you are on the Lord’s side. Though it tarried, it will no longer tarry. It will surely come to pass. God will not lie. Just endure the hardship hauled your way until the promise is delivered.

Anyone who, because of the challenges brought by the enemy, falls on the side will be the greatest loser: he will forfeit the promise and suffer hardship for nothing. The bible says such a person is not strong. Hang on to the Lord. Don’t compromise. The ending is always better than the beginning in the Lord’s scheme of things. Endure that hardship.


Father, I know that your promises are yea and in you Amen. Even as I await the manifestation while enduring the darts the enemy is throwing my way, please help me to overcome the enemy’s arsenal and all his devices that I may never compromise against you in Jesus name.

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