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Be Just!

Focus: Proverbs 21:3 - KJV

3. To do justice and judgment is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice.

1 Samuel 15:10-23

Whatsoever thing is unjust is a thing that is far from love. Day in and day out, man operates in making decisions and passing judgments on issues that affect other people. Most of the times, the judgment passed is devoid of the truth in the matter but to serve the selfish interest of certain people found pleasing to the one passing the judgment. At times, stories about a third party are told and we just throw caution to the wind by condemning the person spoken about albeit without allowing the same to put his version forward, no matter what. At other times, it is that the Lord has commanded that something be done but we seem to believe we have a better way than that which the Lord had prescribed. Such deviation from the Lord’s command is simply called disobedience and therefore a sin. Moses had prescribed sacrifices for sin. Not one of any such sacrifice is able to cleanse from sin. Only the blood of Jesus cleanses from sin: not hyssop and not any detergent. Therefore, when we fall into wicked judgment or disobedience to the voice of God, it is fallacious to assume we will just present a sacrifice and we will be cleansed. To obey is better than sacrifice. Ask Saul the king of Israel. He forfeited the throne because he relied too much on sacrifice as an antidote to his disobedience. It did not avail him.

There is a danger sign standing right in your front saying don’t pass that unfounded and baseless judgment. The one you are about to hurt is one for whom Christ died and He (Christ) would do anything to defend him. Whatever you do that does not bring love to the victim is done in disobedience to God. Your sacrifice may not be sufficient to draw the pardon of the Most-High against whom this act is primarily committed. Today, take time to think deeply before passing that judgment or taking that step particularly if it does not conform with the will of God. You know what the Lord is pointing you to. Heed!

SOLUTION: Never assume after committing a sin you will seek the Lord’s pardon. He may no longer be near you. Stand firm in the will of God at all times and abstain from passing judgments unjustly. Let God who is the righteous Judge be the decider of the matter. Take it to Him before doing anything in that regard.

Father, I submit myself unto you: in every way that I have offended you in my hasty decisions and judgments please forgive me today. I want to be pleasing to you: please sustain me in obedience unto you all the days of my life in Jesus’ name. Don’t let me ever enter into any miscarriage of judgment/justice again in the name of Jesus. Prevent me by your Spirit from ever falling into the error of judgment again in Jesus’ name. May your name be forever praised.

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