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Be Moderate

Focus: Philippians 4:5 - KJV

5. Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand.

James 1:19-22

MODERATION is said to be the state of being moderate, or of keeping a due mean between extremes or excess of violence. Many assume that until they show off lavish spending and riotous living for people to notice their superfluity, they are not deemed to have “arrived”. Incidentally, everything we have or may have, is given to us. When we have the extra, it is to care for the needy on behalf of God that it is issued. When God gave the Manna in the wilderness, it was to be taken up to what will fill the household and nothing more was to be reserved till the next day. When Christ taught us to pray, He said to ask for daily bread. God therefore expects us to live in moderation. He is not saying we should not be wealthy. His mind is that we should live in moderation, despite our wealth. In actual fact, we are enjoined to let our moderation be seen or known by all men. To live otherwise is to flaunt and waste resources in the presence of the needy and thereby bring the name of the Lord to disrepute. What you have is meant to be for blessing. When it becomes something that people start to muse and hiss about, it has become something else. Oh! You think it is envy? Naaaa! It is what it is – unconscionable show off. No, the Lord does not approve of it.

As someone who wants to be with Christ in the end, please shun every filthy lucre and gluttonous lifestyle. God hates waste. After showing His wealth to the five thousand men that he fed, He could have raised His shoulders like many would want to do and walk away. But He knew it was not dignifying to do so. Hence, He asked that the fragments be picked up so that nothing would lie waste. Why then will you be part of those who flaunt wealth as if it is their being special that brought it their ways and that those who didn’t have same were accursed? Let’s please amend our ways so that our actions do not deter people from wanting to come to our Christ. Turn a new leaf today. Live your life to please God alone. Let moderation be your watchword.

SOLUTION: Don’t let your belongings take your heaven away. Imbibe moderation in all spheres of your life – eating, speaking, dressing, spending and everything.

The Lord will brand us specially by His Spirit and not our materials that we may always be attractive to Him in Jesus’ name. The things the Lord has given us for blessing shall not turn into our albatross in the name of Jesus Christ. The Lord will help us out of every unworthy habit in Jesus’ name. Let’s represent God well – be moderate.

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