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Be Nice To Strangers

Focus: Hebrews 13:2 - KJV

2. Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

Exodus 23:9

A stranger does not know or understand the traditions and customs of the place in which he finds himself per time. No matter the research he may have conducted, there are novel situations that he may not find until he encounters it. Hence, every stranger needs a native helper to stabilize in a new land. God was deliberate in making Israel sojourn as strangers in the land of Egypt. In the period they saw the hills in maltreating strangers, even as they were maltreated. Meanwhile, in the sight of God, we ought to dwell together in unity. It is lack of love that makes a man wants to shut his borders against fellow men in their time of need. Imagine one country shutting its borders against the citizens of another in the time of a war or devastating occurrence. It is suggestive of the fact that the country is willing that the strangers should perish in their travail. That is never the will of God. Therefore, that we may not end up being evil doers towards the stranger who automatically is in need, the Lord enjoins us to be kind to strangers. When we are kind, we are actually lending to God, or in another sense, sowing a seed which will come back as harvest. Hence, we may be said to be entertaining angels when we treat strangers well.

It is true that the world is now a funny place and you may be courting trouble by opening your door wide to every comer. If only the whole world can imbibe this stand of God, then will everyone be free to want to embrace strangers. Nevertheless, if you carry in you the Spirit of the living God, He will not let you place yourself in danger of any kind when you go with a mind to be benevolent to strangers. And if, by some accident, there be any issue arising out of your benevolence, the Lord for whom you act will see you through. It is however bad to abstain from doing good when it is within our reach to do. Be cautious but never stop doing good to strangers. It could have been you.

SOLUTION: Never shut your eyes and mind against strangers in need. Be benevolent in every way you can.

Father Lord, please help me to discern between genuine strangers in need and evil pretenders so that I may always operate in your will in Jesus’ name. Resources with which I will be benevolent unto strangers for your sake, please bestow on me in the name of Jesus. Give me a compassionate heart more than ever to be able to serve you better in helping others in the name of Jesus Christ. Please obey the Lord’s injunction. Entertain strangers.

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