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Be Simple

Focus: Romans 16:19B - KJV

19. …but yet I would have you wise unto that which is good, and simple concerning evil.

Matthew 10:16-20

The average believer is swaddled between two sets of people on earth: the good and the evil. The good are those who ordinarily are members of the same household of faith as the believer; while the evil are ordinarily, people of the world, and some other mixed multitudes in the household of faith. Those that are good are filled with the Holy Spirit and therefore not easily provoked or offended. However, those who are evil, are definite about constantly creating offence, to want to lure the believer into disobeying and thereby, offending God. This is why, the believer must deal in wisdom with the good, so that he does not appear to be an evil agent, to draw the same to sin, in any way or form. Also, he is to be simple with the evil, such that, no matter the extent of provocation or persecution coming from the evil, he maintains his sanctification and stay in purity. Christ even says to be wise as the serpent and gentle as the dove: serpentine wisdom in dealing with the good so as not to be found wanting; gentle as the dove while dealing with the evil so as not to be drawn out to sin.

There was a time in the life of Paul that he was to go to Jerusalem and Agabus, being also a believer, prophesied that Paul would be mesmerized in Jerusalem and therefore should not go. Rather than use harsh words like calling him names, Paul simply requested, in wisdom, that they should just stop breaking his heart about the matter, as he was even ready to die for the cause of the Gospel. At another time, the same Paul was simply fully repulsive of Elymas the sorcerer, who was barring the high and lofty from hearing the truth of the Gospel. Paul just commanded him blind, for a season. No scuffle, no argument, no strife; simple operation in authority.

The same grace that operated with Paul and the early Apostles, is available to every believer, and what the Lord requires of us is that we successfully navigate our ways amongst these two extremes, that we find ourselves between. No matter the actions of the good, we must be careful to deal with them in wisdom. Why? Each of them is anointed of God and it is God’s injunction to touch not His anointed. Moving against such is moving against God, pure and simple. On the other hand, we need not go head long against the evil, in squabbles. Rather, we are to be simple and where necessary, assert authority to rebuke the devil in them, so that the light of God may shine, in the particular circumstance.

SOLUTION: The way to reigning with God is in obeying His instruction, fully. Let us therefore be careful in dealing with fellow men knowing what injunction applies in each situation – wisdom concerning the good and simple concerning the evil; and put the same to action.

Please pray: Father, please teach me to be wise in my dealings with your children and help me to be simple in dealing with the evil. Let me never offend in words or action towards anyone, in Jesus’ name. This day, give me the overcoming grace to operate with in Jesus’ name.

If you are blessed by this post, kindly share with your contacts as well as others, that they may be blessed also. Thank you and may God bless you abundantly as you do so, in Jesus’ name.

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