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Blessed Nation

Key verse: Psalms 33:12 - KJV

12. Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.

Exodus 9:18-26

All nations belong to God. But not all nations acknowledge God as God. Many nations do not countenance the existence of God. Some are mixed multitude with some of their members being heathen and others having the knowledge by information only that there is God while yet others among them know their God. In the meantime, God wants every nation to recognize His lordship over them for divine benefits. Where He finds such recognition, He releases favor. Many have been under siege of the enemy without succor because they have no reverence for God. Israel was in Egypt for refuge in the time of famine. While the refugee status was on, they multiplied so much in the land of their refuge that the original settlors became scared of them and made a scheme to oppress them and put them in bondage. The oppression became so much that Israel sought the help of God. Incidentally, their oppressors had no eye for God as they had the gods they worshipped. The nation of Israel was kept in Goshen within Egypt. When God started to torment Egypt to enforce their releasing Israel, He plagued every part of Egypt but Goshen, thereby setting a separation between those who make Him God and those who don’t.

Many nations today do not make God their Lord and appear to be thriving. All the wealth of the heathen is prepared for the righteous in the end. And, there are some others who preoccupy themselves majorly with the thoughts of God to the extent that they almost will not lift a finger without the mention of God, yet they appear to be in squalor. There are those nations who seem to know God but their actions are inimical to the ways of God. As they suffer in their ways, the world marvel at their situation believing God does not exist. To take the benefit of God, a nation that makes God their Lord must live godly. No matter what is said, God will not deny Himself. He is the God of the righteous.

If any nation will humble herself to make God her Lord, the Lord is ready to come through for that nation over others like He did for Israel in Egypt and in many of their battles. Like He turned His back on them when they lived in unrighteousness, though He declared them His firstborn, so will He do to any nation who professes God without being godly.

Pray: Father, please help us in our nation to take you fully as our Lord and to live by your tenets truly so that we may enjoy your favor as a nation in Jesus name.

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