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Bread of Life

Key verse: John 6:33

For the bread of God is he which cometh down from heaven, and giveth life unto the world.

John 6:32-40

God is awesome. In expounding His person unto man over the ages, He came through to man via various phenomena. Yet most of it appear allegoric. For instance, when Israel left Egypt, though they were wealthy by their spoiling the Egyptians, the wealth translated to hunger in that they lacked a kitchen to dole food from as they were on the move. But God came through for them by giving them bread and flesh to eat twice daily as they journeyed to the promised land. Ironically, every adult that partook of the bread, save Caleb and Joshua, died in the wilderness. Nonetheless, whilst the journey subsisted, God sustained them in life through the bread He gave them from Heaven.

The Lord Jesus Christ has revealed to us that the bread the Israelites ate was only a type of Himself, a type being something that foretells of the real. Like the bread they ate, Jesus too came down from heaven and from God to give life to everyone that has a part in Him. However, because He is the real Bread that gives life, unlike those who ate the bread in the wilderness and died, those who partake of Christ are assured of life. Whenever we feel like life is not good to us, therefore, all we require is this Bread of Life and we are sure to experience a turn around. Or, where the enemy buffets us and makes life so miserable, what we need is Jesus to restore us to better life. Even when we die in the flesh, if we have imbibed the Christ who is the Bread of Life, we are assured of being raised again to life with a view to living and reigning with Him.

It follows that a life without Christ is one without life. Christ is beckoning on us to come to Him. He has all that we need to have life and have it more abundantly. Our remaining adamant and refusing His offer is our loss for He is alive forever more and we are the ones who require life, which He has come to give us on a platter of gold. That situation that seems confusing today is so because there is need for life. Imbibe the Bread of Life today and see life come through for you. It will be marvelous to hear you testify to the goodness of the Bread of Life. Don’t miss the opportunity.


Thou Bread of Life, I imbibe you into my system and ingest you into my body. Please grant me life in all my endeavors and in all ramification that I may enjoy life here and hereafter in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

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