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Christ is the Door to Salvation

Focus: John 10:9 - KJV

9. I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.

John 21:1-11

The fact of life is that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. This simply means there is a separation between God and all by the reason of sin. Because God is Love, good and kind, everyone that is cut off from Him is cut off from every goodness that flows from Him in the strict sense. However, Christ’s coming has created a doorway into the bosom of God within the initial barrier. This can be explained through the encounter of Christ with His disciples shortly before His ascension. Because Christ had been crucified, the disciples believed they lacked succor and therefore returned to their vomits thinking by their expertise, they would make headway. When Christ approached them, like it happened to some of them when He first called them, they had nothing to show for their efforts. When He got Himself involved as the access to blessing, they had a big catch. Ironically, by the time they got to land, Christ already provided meat for them. So, when He got involved in their expedition, (while outside) they found pasture; when they came to Him on land (while inside) they found pasture. Meaning that whenever we access blessing through Christ, in our going out or coming in, we can never lack pasture.

Anyone that fails to go through the door but prefers other means – jumping over the fence, breaking in through the window etc. – is a thief and can only put himself into peril. Trying to cut corners in life believing by doing so and not waiting on God, is the way, can only lead to doom. The Lord is inviting us this day to use the Door provided. Though it is accessed through a narrow path, yet it is wide enough to contain everyone that approaches to access blessing through that Door. Block your ears to the whisper of the devil suggesting other ways to you. Such ways can only end up in destruction.

SOLUTION: Never abdicate the Door-way for another apparent way. These other ways lead nowhere good. Only one Door is recommended unto salvation and resultant blessing. Follow that way and enter through the Door.

There are scales that the enemy uses to blindfold people from seeing the way: every such blindfold is destroyed as it concerns you in Jesus name. You will never veer away from the Door in Jesus name. As you have entered through the door, God will uphold you with His right hand of mercy and righteousness and you will never fall out again in Jesus name.

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