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Confront The Destroyer

Focus: Nahum 2:1 - KJV

1. He that dasheth in pieces is come up before thy face: keep the munition, watch the way, make thy loins strong, fortify thy power mightily.

Revelations 9:13-21

The times are truly hard all over the world but mankind is not looking to the author of life. Rather, we are busy considering science and the deception of the enemy. The Lord had foretold the dryness of the Euphrates and what would happen therefrom. The angels that dash in pieces were to be released from their dungeon to pull down a third of the human population. That action appears to have been activated already. Before our faces, we saw Covid ravaging mankind; earthquakes, flooding and wars pulling down many and so on. Yet, we are not focused on what the Lord had warned. What are we to do in the face of such devastation that has begun over the earth? As believers, this is the time to well up the power in the word that says for instance that a thousand will fall by our side and ten thousand by our right side but shall not come near us. Which is why Nahum enjoins us to keep the munition, watch, make our armors strong and be mightily fortified.

There is nothing the Lord is asking us to do that had not been in the past. When the enemy came in a giant called Goliath, David defeated him by confronting him in the name of the Lord. Let us do the same now. When Christ was confronted by the enemy when he made a boisterous wind to cause a storm at sea when Jesus was in the boat, He came up and spoke the word of fire and the enemy let go and the storm was stilled. If His munition was weak at the time, there was no way He would have calmed the storm. When the enemy entered into Pharaoh and he pursued Israel despite releasing them to go, the obstacle that stood before Israel was made to give way by simply lifting the rod of God against the obstacle. A whole mighty wall fell flat by the shouting of the people of God. All these munitions are still available if we will draw on them at this very crucial time.

Friends, the world has gone beyond jokes. The societies where there appears to be less resistance because there are less fire speaking children/sons of God that can counter the tongues of the enemy have been devastated. Boko Haram, earthquake in Syria and Turkey, Californian flooding etc., happened in climes where the children are almost non-existent. That is the enemy trying out his powers on overtly vulnerable societies. Please believe that until a third of human population is pulled down as the Bible Reading suggests, the enemy that dashes in pieces would not stop. He will try even in the community of the children of God. And since he knows there would be some resistance, he is likely to come with greater arsenal. Hence, it is time to guard our loins and confront the enemy with all that the Lord has put in us. Armageddon is nearby. Please watch, pray and be ready.

SOLUTION: Study and make the rhema of the word of God particularly the ones for warfare, a part of you. Depend on the blood and the name of the Lamb which is your strong tower.

Pray in this manner: Father, from this very day, I receive the power to put the enemy to flight from wherever I am found in the name of Jesus. No devil will devastate my dwelling, city, State or Country in any way in Jesus’ name. And by the power in the name of Jesus, let the enemy dashing in pieces bow everywhere I am in Jesus’ name. In the name above every other name, I have the victory and I shall laugh last in Jesus’ name.

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