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Continue in the word

Focus: James 1:25 - KJV

25. But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed.

Psalms 119:9-15

Every manufacturer has a clear understanding of his invention and has an intention of how to put the invention to optimal use. But the ordinary user is not well guided in the way to use the same unless if the inventor puts together a User’s Guide. When the Guide is put to correct use, it aids the user to put the invention to the best use and enjoy the benefit thereof. In the same vein, the Lord is the inventor of the earth and everything which therein is. To aid the users in putting the inventions optimally, He has put together His word as a Guide. Those who take the word for their use and continue in it without losing sight of the prescriptions of the Lord, ends up enjoying the earth and the fullness thereof. It is of him that it is said, he will eat the good of the land. David determined in himself not to go through life without hearkening diligently to the Manufacturer’s Manual. As a result, his name has remained indelibly written that generations after him, many are still very proud of him. It is the Lord’s Manual for us to understand His word as set out in the Bible and live by it. Those who do, find life much more pleasurable than others.

If you have an electric steam iron and you refuse to follow the Manufacturer’s instruction by first plugging it to the electricity mains, etc. before smoothening your fabrics with it, no matter how you try you may never get your fabrics smoothened. Your refusal to pick up knowledge of the word of God and to live by its directions may be responsible for the current difficulties. Point is, if you will yield to the word by living by its prescriptions, life will be much easier. Indeed, there is nothing in life that has no reference in the Bible. If you will tune to the Lord’s manual, that situation will ease up faster than you anticipate.

SOLUTION: The easiest route to good life on earth is understanding and living by the mind of God as stipulated in the Bible. This is attainable through study and meditation on the contents of the Bible and living thereby. Non-compliance puts life in some form of jeopardy. We need to avoid that.

Father, thank you for your words that have been lamp to our feet and light to our paths. From now on, help us to take the benefit in your word better than ever in Jesus’ name. In all our doings, let us conform to your word in Jesus’ name. From this day, please put an end to all the errors we have made and the consequences thereof in the name of Jesus. Let the beauty of the world as you have purposed it for us be ours from now in Jesus’ name.

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