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Count your blessings and give thanks

Memorize: 1 Chronicles 16:34

O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good; for his mercy endureth for ever.

Read: Philipians 4:4-13

The memory of man is very short that we tend to forget things of the past so quickly and reflect only on the present or not distant past. When situations arise that appear daunting, we quickly forget that we had gone through worse things before and by the mercy of God, we survived it without hurt. Because of the present situation, we tend to grumble and fumble before God. This is not a right attitude. The children of Israel were considered stiff-necked by their General, Moses. For this perception, God ought to be far from them and allow them have their space. But then, by His mercies, He decided to sustain Israel through thick and thing and so, it is by His mercies that they were not consumed not because of their righteousness.

In the same manner, it is for His mercies that we are where we are today not by our righteousness which is like filthy rags in His presence. Last year, without being prisoners, for about six months and more, we were all sentenced to self-incarceration while people were dying cheaply all around. If anyone had so directly incarcerated another, we are likely to have grumbled and fumbled to God. Today, there seems to be an unpalatable situation and here we are forgetting the mercies that sustained us last year and squinting our faces at God.

It is only those who are thoughtful that are thankful. David took a thought and decided it was right to give thanks to God. That which you are going through could have been worse. Like Paul, please train yourself to be able to abase and abound at different times as they present themselves to you. When things appear bad, please approach God through prayers, supplication with thanksgiving and let Him handle your situation. Grumbling is an act of ingratitude. Israel after being rescued from bondage in Egypt met with opposition in the way and all they could do was to grumble. They forgot the plagues and the great fetes of the past. They over did it and ended up with their carcasses in the wilderness. It is wise to decide not to be like them. Let us count the good deeds of God and remain grateful to Him, always.


Father, your loving kindness towards us is indescribable. Thank you for sustaining us in your love. Please help us never to forfeit your love in Jesus name.

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