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Curse Not!

Focus: James 3:10 - KJV

10. Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be.

Romans 12:9-21

It is a travesty of love to curse. It is against all known tenets of Christ to do so. Even when by all known human standards, it appeared right for Him to curse, Christ would not pronounce a curse on His betrayer. Rather than curse John the Baptist who was offended in Him, He sent proof and caution. No servant is greater than the Master. For everyone who is of Christ, we are enjoined to look unto Him who is the Author and Finisher of our faith as our example in life. Oh! The fig tree? That was symbolic of many things. First, to show that though he came as Lamb, He retained the position of a Consuming Fire and should not be toyed with. Of course, we are not to rub shoulders with Him in that position and that is why He commanded that we judge not. Secondly, being the second Adam, His action against the fig is symbolic in that it was the same tree that the first Adam took leaves from to cover nakedness when he fell. In His day, a fig tree offering leaves and not fruit was ironical and therefore, it was cursed and withered. At any rate, the fig is not man.

God frowns at people who curse fellow beings. First, they are creatures made in the image of God; aside that, the curser is one who wants kindness in his own way and therefore prays for it. But for lack of love, he uses the same mouth with which he prays for blessings to curse another. Again, the one being cursed is one of those for whom Christ died to redeem. Isn’t a curse therefore indicative of moving against God concerning the life being cursed? A curse, as seen from the example of the fig tree Christ cursed, has a devastating effect on its victim. It can cause the same to wither from his root even though observers do not immediately notice. Truth be told, the person being cursed is never an island existing alone. He is either someone’s brother, husband, father, son, colleague or whatever. When he is devastated by the curse, some people are thrown into sorrow or mourning. This situation, the curser will not wish himself. If checked properly, the reason for which a curse is being unleashed is far minute compared with the ills the curser has done to others without them cursing him. If not to any other, check his misbehavior against God. To curse is to destroy and devastate. It is not approvable by God.

SOLUTION: It is better for us to bridle our tongues in all situations particularly in the face of annoyance. If we utter a curse, we sow a seed. Don’t sow the seed of evil no matter the height of annoyance, no matter the person involved. Curse not, bless always.

May the Lord help to keep a check over our tongues that we may not offend Him again by it in what we say to or against our neighbors, in Jesus’ name. May our tongues only bless continually and curse no one ever again in Jesus name. It is a new dawn. Enjoy it.

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