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Darkness shall cover the earth soon

Memorize: Matthew 24:35

Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

Read: Matthew 24:29-35

The Lord had done to many generations many unprecedented things which have not been repeated. For instance, in the generation of Noah, He caused the flood to erase the earthly creatures. At the time of Moses, He parted the Red Sea. When it got to the turn of Joshua, He made the elements remain still in their orbits for one day. Not only that, He flattened a massive wall without a physical dozer. God is also known for His reliability. Whenever He promises a thing, He brings it to bear without fail. For instance, He promised to send a Messiah to mankind; He did so; He promised Israel sojourn in foreign land, it happened; He told them of their captivity in Babylon, it happened; He promised pouring out His Spirit upon all flesh, we are witnessing it even now.

God has told us now that there will be great tribulation with all the signs of the occurrence indicated. The signs are fulfilled already. There is nothing more to debar the occurrence of that prophesy. The tribulation leads to gross darkness. This is where your being is important. The Lord has made you and I the light of the world. We are meant to shine in darkness. The earth is already in darkness. We can make our impact felt by loving righteousness and hating iniquity and condemning it in its entirety. We can be impactful by preaching the gospel to the poor, healing the brokenhearted, preaching deliverance to the captives, recovering of sight to the blind and setting at liberty those that are bruised.

But you cannot give what you don’t have. For us to be able to do any or all these things we need to be anointed by the Holy Spirit just like Christ. The battle against darkness is no child’s play. Ask the sons of Sceva. Darkness is mean. We cannot confront it carnally. If, however we can get the needful done, even before we start, we are more than conquerors. God is looking for an army of His sons to confront the army of darkness when the chips are down. One will chase a thousand and two will together put ten thousand to flight. Are you willing to be among? The time is glaring us all in the face. Join the army of the Lord now. His words will not fall to the ground.


Father, we know you are with us till the end. As we get set to confront the army of darkness, help us to shine as light in you that we may be completely victorious and not fall prey of the enemy in Jesus name.

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