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Direction of the Heart

Focus: 2 Thessalonians 3:5 - KJV

5. And the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God, and into the patient waiting for Christ.

Genesis 39:1-12

Every believer ought to hang on to a promise that Christ is coming again to receive the saints unto Himself. A cheering promise it is. But the way to the promise is in loving God and loving our neighbors as ourselves. The way of love is through the heart. When the heart is tilted towards love, the individual does what is good unto the neighbor and pleasing unto God. When the heart is directed in another direction away from God, what it brings is the effect of lust and all manner of evil for out of the heart proceeds the issues of life. Joseph was a good scriptural example. He knew the God of his father before he was sold into slavery. That same God had given him a promise to rule and reign just like He has given you and I the same. But in the course of the journey to the throne, the enemy threw darts at him. Joseph had his heart directed towards the love of God and would rather forgo pleasure so as to keep honoring God. Though he ended up receiving some pain for his choice, he eventually got to the throne and the effect thereof erased that of whatever pain he got from his choice.

Beloved, it is better we let our hearts be directed to love God just like Joseph so that we may meet with Christ in the end. The suffering of this present period of endurance is nothing compared to the joy that awaits us when we meet with Christ. Let nothing push you into a compromise. Stay your heart on the love of God and you will never regret you did so for the end will surely justify the means.

SOLUTION: Let no momentary pleasure taint your heart towards wickedness. Whatever does not dovetail into love is not of God. No matter how tricky a thing may appear, use love to judge the direction thereof. Choose love, choose God.

Father, keep our hearts in the direction of loving you that we may never depart from your presence in Jesus’ name. Please cause us to love you much more than ever before from this day by the help of your Spirit in the name of Jesus Christ. In all things, please preserve us to meet with Christ when He shall come for the saints in Jesus’ name.

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