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Focus: Luke 8:39 - KJV

39. Return to thine own house, and shew how great things God hath done unto thee. And he went his way, and published throughout the whole city how great things Jesus had done unto him.

Luke 8:26-39

Happy New Month beloved. Just like a dream, the year is over a month old. As the days run by, so do we also age. But what account shall we give of the time we have spent? Is it a wasted time or a well utilized one? Like the demoniac healed by Christ, we all have been equally ransomed by him from decadence. We, like him, prefer to show everyone that we are Christ’s followers. But the primary preference of Christ is not our showing off, but our winning the members of our household over unto the Lord through the words of our testimonies. Christ told him so directly. Unlike many who assume the evangelism being done by the churches should be sufficient and they need not do more, the healed fellow did not stop in his house alone, but became a city crier for Christ publishing to all, what the Lord had done for him. This, of course was more rewarding than just following Christ to be one of the numbers. Testifying to His goodness draws more people away from destruction, unto Him who gives life. Oh no, there is nothing bad in being identified as a follower of Christ. But Christ is better served through your evangelism. Some followed Him but because they were not grafted in Him through evangelism, departed from Him at critical moments. When you have published with your own mouth, His goodness, it becomes difficult to deny Him before men. Think about it.

For all that the Lord has done for you in the recent past that you can see manifestly, how many people have you told it to just show that your God is real and gracious still? God requires you to tell these things to the members of your household at least. If you must do better, publish it city-wide. That was what the healed demoniac did. We can do much more by publishing it for the whole wide world to hear. That is what Paul has done. There are not many people, living or dead that do not know Paul’s testimony. Mark you, we are in the same race with these people and will see them on that day when prices will be distributed. Please let us do much more particularly now that we are better equipped. What has the Lord done for you? Please publish your testimony for all to hear.

SOLUTION: Take a thought and count your blessings of what the Lord did for you in the month of January alone. Please discountenance for now those things you expected should have been done. See whether God is worthy of your gratitude. If you find Him worthy, please say something to your household, co-workers, neighbors and publish your thoughts on social media for your friends to like. In it, God is glorified.

Father, we have come to say thank you for your goodness and for your wonderful works over us. We promise to testify more about your goodness to many people from now. By your mercy, every time we open our mouths to testify, let your Spirit fill it with seasoned words in Jesus’ name. Let the blessings of testifying make us overcomers indeed in Jesus’ name. Whatever we do, please do not let us miss our rewards in Jesus’ name.

If you are blessed by this content, kindly like and share the link with others for the spread of the Gospel. Your comments and questions are equally welcome that we may learn from and through you also. Thanks and God bless you.

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