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Still Walking With Christ?

Focus: John 6:66 - KJV

66. From that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him.


John 6:66-71


Alas, it is the last day of a third of the year. How time flies. It is a time to take stock of our lives from the beginning, particularly the beginning of the year and see what exactly we have achieved for the Kingdom. It is interesting that the number of our scripture today is the number of Satan. His essence with that number is to win many away from the Lord and unto himself. In the said scripture, almost everyone disserted Christ just like it is happening in the world today. Christ looked and saw that a multitude of His disciples, who could not stick the truth, had departed from Him and He asked those who were left (the remnant) if they would not also depart. It is also interesting that He told us in His word that it was doubtful if there would still be faith on earth when He returns. A clear check of the situation today will confirm that faith is almost no more on the earth but for the remnant who would not depart. But whether they left or not, they did not affect the zeal of Christ to do the work of the one who sent Him.


Have you also been walking with Christ closely before now but have now decided to “go away”? Oh, you do not think you have gone away because you still sit in gatherings lifting up hands supposedly in praise but know you are nowhere walking with Christ? It is unfortunate that there are some deceivers in the world who gather people to raise their hopes about how to acquire wealth or live better than their neighbors as if the kingdom is about meat and drink. Many are so drawn away from walking with God thereby and when they come to have their eyes opened, they will realize how so distant away from Christ they are to even assume they have been walking with Him. God wants us to check our compasses today and see whether we are still on course or have departed. If you find yourself on course, please like Peter and the few others, stick with Him as there is no other to turn to. If you are not, there is still room for you to change course and return unto Him who has promised never to cast you out, no matter how far gone you have been.


SOLUTION:  Never ever depart from walking with Jesus and if you have, please return to Him now for only He can take you to the desired destination. Leaving Him is a detour to hell.


Please pray:

·      Give thanks to God for all that He has done for you so far this year and particularly, this month

·      Tell God you have decided to follow Jesus without turning back and that He should help you to so stick, never to wander away

·      Ask God to put into you what it takes to be on the Lord’s side and not waver no matter what the world brings your way in opposition

·      Pray that the Lord will invigorate you anew by His Spirit so that you will never faint in your walk with Him

·      Ask that in the end you will not become a castaway – you and all yours.


If you are blessed by this post, kindly share with your contacts, as well as others, that they may be blessed also. Thank you and may God bless you abundantly as you do so, in Jesus’ name.

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