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Don’t be forward

Memorize: Proverbs 15:28

The heart of the righteous studieth to answer: but the mouth of the wicked poureth out evil things.

Read: Daniel 2:10-19

The mouth/tongue is the human organ for speech while the ears are for hearing/listening. It appears the reason the Lord created man with one mouth but two ears is that man should listen more than speak. When we speak, it is difficult to take it back. Circumstances are when the recipient of speech is in a bad state of heart. Other circumstances are when speech in response may provoke catastrophic reaction. Therefore, scriptures enjoin us to bridle our tongues and keep our mouths.

The magicians in the days of Nebuchadnezzar could have asked for time to commune with one another at least before responding to him. The effect of his negative dream may have subsided or he may have had a little recollection. Their hasty response provoked a fatal decree. On the other hand, Daniel refused to be forward and thereby gained the king’s attention and received the answer to the puzzle. In the end, he saved himself and other unexecuted magicians. He studied to answer unlike the others.

In another place, king Herod was too hasty to say to his niece/step daughter to ask anything and he would give her. When the mouth of the wicked girl poured out evil things as put in her by her mother, it became difficult for the evil king to renege his promise to her. At your meetings and in your relating with others, please let your heart study the situation copiously and process the likely outcome your response might bring before you respond. It is possible the outcome of that is to keep mum. The day you start to judge and condemn others with your mouth based on the words of another or doctored “evidence” without listening to the party concerned, you start to be seen as a wicked person and an evil doer.

Many have been sent to early graves due to the activities of wicked people who stand to judge others without according them a hearing. Incline your ears to hear but please be careful to speak or abstain completely from speaking where necessary.

Pray: Father, I am weak when it comes to speech, please help me. Help me not to be considered wicked because of the way I speak. Please help me to know when never to open my mouth to speak that I may not destroy the innocent with my tongue in Jesus name.

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