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Don’t Be Lazy

Focus: 2 Thessalonians 3:10 - KJV

10. For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.

Genesis 2:15

The current generation of men appear to be ladened with the no work big pay mentality. They seem to have this orientation that there is no need for one to labor to be affluent. This gave room to swindling, internet fraud and all manner of evil that are prevalent now in society. But this was not the intention of the Creator from the beginning. The Lord, when He created the man, put him in the ready-made garden but tasked him with a work responsibility – dress and keep it. If God wanted the man not to work, there is nothing impossible for Him to do, hence He could have done something else and not saddle him with work. To affirm the position of God, Apostle Paul also told the Thessalonian Christians straightaway that a person who fails or refuses to work is not entitled to eat. Bear in mind that the Christians at the time encouraged communal living whereby resources were pulled together into a common purse. To refuse to work was, at the time and still is today, a way of mounting up the burden of one’s existence and survival on others. How be it that some people go ahead to work, pay all the taxes with which the infrastructure and wealth you enjoy are provided without you contributing anything towards it? No wonder in the eyes of God, it is only those who are diligent in their work that stand before kings and not before mean men.

Beloved, the attitude of God to faithful work is to build the person up by it. Soon, you will be asserting the same kind of effort you are putting into your employer’s business in your own corporation and you will be the ultimate beneficiary. If you have been lazy and never willing to work when in the employment of others, the tendency is you are not going to do much when you own yours. Please pick up the gauntlet today and start becoming diligent in your labor and duties so that society may become better.

SOLUTION: Get engaged. Don’t let your hands be idle. Pick up that which will ensure you are good citizen of your community’s commonwealth. Stop putting your burden on others. There is no love in doing so.

Father, we pray from today, let everything we lay our hands to do prosper for our benefits in Jesus’ name. And for those who are yet to find something to do, you made the job available before you commanded the man to do it, please provide what to do by giving each one great and profitable ideas to work on for profit in Jesus’ name. And all those who are doing things but seem not to be enjoying it, please make a way for greater and better progress from now on in Jesus’ name. Let our profiting be very loud dear Lord in the name of Jesus Christ.


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