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Don’t Get Defiled

Focus: Psalms 119:1-2 - KJV

1. ALEPH. Blessed are the undefiled in the way, who walk in the law of the LORD. 2. Blessed are they that keep his testimonies, and that seek him with the whole heart.

Genesis 17:1-2

Life on earth is a very short journey when compared with existence in eternity. In some special arrangement, the way we spend life on earth determines what we get in eternity. Those who walk the face of the earth righteously, without getting themselves defiled in the way, end up inheriting life in eternity. How does it work? The one who owns all things has made it in such a way that life on earth is a pointer to what happens after. Hence, those that are defiled on earth spend eternity in defilement which is characterized by pain; for defilement on earth is an infliction of pain on the Almighty, who enjoins us to walk without being defiled. In reality, even those who get defiled on earth start to experience pain on earth, before they are transmitted to eternity.

Let us take the man Abram as our case study here: God had told him to do something and he did set out to do it but without obeying the Lord fully, thereby introducing defilement in his way. This defilement he brought upon himself by keeping his nephew, Lot, one of the people the Lord asked him to separate from. Although he assumed he was being good, when the pain of his defilement was to come, the one he kept in disobedience to God, inflicted pain on him by not countenancing his wellbeing, in critical times. This, aside from having his blessings suspended and out of reach. Such is the pain of defilement. When eventually, he complied by letting go of Lot, the Lord sternly warned him to be perfect in his ways that he may surely be blessed.

Like God spoke to Abraham, He is talking to us also today asking us to be perfect in our walk with Him. When we allow defilement in our walk, it is responsible for suspending the promises and blessings due to us. If we will however repent and eschew defilement, the blessings are drawn unto us again. When Abraham complied, his bosom became the resting place for saints in eternity, prior to judgment. If we comply, we will be with the saints and enjoy bliss in eternity like Lazarus, as against the rich man that lived his life in defilement and ended up in pain, in eternity.

SOLUTION: Watch how you walk on earth. Though short, it has the tendency to determine how well we will live on earth and in eternity. Eschew defilement which is sin, by all means. Be focused on righteousness and life. It is highly rewarding.

Pray thus: Father, I lean on you for a clean walk on earth: please, don’t let me destroy my eternity with my earthly walk, in Jesus’ name. Whatever I will do that may cause defilement in my way on earth, please erase by the blood of the Lamb, in Jesus’ name. Let your blessings be mine here on earth and in eternity according to your purpose for me in Jesus’ name.

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