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Drink the Lord’s water

Text: Psalms 42:1

As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God.

Bible Reading:

Genesis 21: 14-17


Water is critical to the existence of every mammal. Where a mammal goes without water for a while, it becomes more desperate for water at every passing time for its survival depends highly on it. The essence of the life of every child of the kingdom is God. Every passing day that he draws away from God, his life and existence is put in danger of extinction. The Lord is near to those who genuinely seek Him. Abraham and Hagar had assumed they could sustain Hagar and her son with the water in Abraham’s jar. Little did they know that because the journey was indeed far and there was dryness on the way, it was not going to be. Many today are relying on the water from the jar of the one who preached salvation to them or their direct pastor. It is never enough. There is a well of water inside God that sustains forever. That water is in the Word of God. It has the capacity to quench your thirst never for you to thirst again. If the lad had not cried to God he would have died a miserable death which Hagar was not willing to witness. There was not much she could do in the circumstance even though she had capacity to live a bit longer. Don’t be tired of drawing water from the well of God’s word. Drink from it on a constant basis for your sustenance. Are you going through some wilderness experience and your jar of resources in God’s word that you got from your mentors appear dry? Look unto the Lord! He has the resources to form in you fountains of living water. Let your soul be watered from the source of life. Study the word of God to show yourself approved unto God from now on. The Lord is near. Look up to Him through His word and He will sustain you.

Prayer Guide:

Father Lord, I thirst for more of you. Help me to be encouraged to drink more from your cistern even from now on, in Jesus name.

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