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End to Darkness

Focus: John 12:46 - KJV

46. I am come a light into the world, that whosoever believeth on me should not abide in darkness.

John 8:12

The picture that comes to mind in explaining Jesus as the light is that of the fall of man. When God said let there be light in the beginning, the presence of the light only created a separation between light and darkness that the Spirit of God may redeem the earth and give it a fresh lease of life. Hence, the place of the light was like the top of the mountain (call it Zion) while darkness was banished to the base thereof. At the top of the mountain was the light of God and there was the Garden of Eden placed in the presence of God and man was made to dwell there. Unfortunately, when man cooperated with the man of darkness and was sent out of the garden, he became a dweller of the base of the mountain where darkness persists. But God sent Christ with the Glory of God which is the light of His countenance to create a light-way for everyone that would see and follow the light back to the top of the mountain Zion. So, from the time of John the Baptist that the kingdom of darkness heard about the escape route for man, there has been great violence against man to prevent him from gaining the way and entering into the light. It is only those who are able to violently persist on the light rather than darkness that succeed in the light-way.

Beloved, if you also will locate the light of the countenance of God being beamed at you through the Gospel of Christ to show you the way out of darkness into the light, then will darkness depart from your life never to torment you again. That is not suggestive of the fact that you will not experience hardship. No. It is your perseverance and insistent on following the light that your victory lies. Will you follow the light of Christ and forsake the devil and his works of darkness today?

SOLUTION: The flesh will forever war against the Spirit to want to gain the soul into perdition. The way to success is in holding on to the light-way. It is beamed in the words of Christ to us. Follow not any other but Christ. He is the only way. No one else carries the light except those that receive from Him. Many other lights have become darkness by sliding back on the rock while trying to climb to the top. Follow Christ.

The Lord that started a good work in you by letting you catch the first glimpse of the light in Christ shall complete it by bringing you fully to the right way in the name of Jesus. Nothing shall be able to derail you from that path that leads to ultimate salvation in Jesus’ name. Every demon spirit and darts from the pit of darkness hauled at you to cause you to fall shall fail in your matter in Jesus’ name. You will reign with Christ on the mountain Zion in Jesus’ name.

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