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Exalt the living God

Key verse: Psalms 57:11

Be thou exalted, O God, above the heavens: let thy glory be above all the earth.

John 12:23-32

Jesus Christ is the Lord, the living God. The heaven of heavens is the home of the Lord. He makes the earth His footstool. He set aside His glory in heaven to come to the earth to ransom man from the guillotine he had chosen for himself from the beginning of life on the current earth. While man lost the reins of the earth, God’s glory was visible only in the heavens as the earth had been submitted by man through whom God’s glory was to shine upon the earth. But from the time He took over all powers on earth to combine with that He already possessed of heaven, He had victory over the enemy regarding the earth on behalf of man. Then He got a name above every other name such that at the mention of His name, all knees bow in all the realms. His glory is now above and all over the earth as it is in heaven. But only those who have eyes can see the same.

While He was on the face of the earth, He made it known to those around Him saying if He be lifted from the earth, He will draw all men unto Him. He has been lifted. He is beckoning unto all men to come unto Him even now. Unfortunately, not all men are being so drawn in that it is only those whom the Father draws that “come” unto Him. He did everything to show love to Judas, yet he strayed and refused to be found in Him. Peter did every wrong thing that should disqualify him, yet he became the head of the Apostles. The bottom line is God drew the one and did not draw the other.

Those that are drawn unto the Lord are partakers of His glory. Not only glory upon the earth but also in heaven. On earth, they manifest great power over the rulers of darkness, raising the dead, healing the seek and performing extra ordinary feats. They shine as light. Haven’t you heard of the shadow of Peter raising the sick and the handkerchiefs and aprons from the body of Paul also? You must have heard also of prison doors opening for Peter of its own accord and the earthquake that happened in prison to lose Paul and Silas. You are the next in line for great experience in signs and wonders in Jesus name. In heaven, mansions are prepared for them aside the crowns and laurels waiting. Will you be a partaker? Then be drawn unto God in His Glory. Start exalting Him from today. Stop turning deaf ears to His instructions and counsel. Whatever He asks you to do, do it.

Pray: Father, please give me the grace to follow you to the very end, obeying your instructions and doing your will all the days of my life in Jesus name.

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