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Extent of Grace

Key verse: Ephesians 4:7

But unto every one of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ.

Philippians 3:7-11

Grace, which is the influence or Spirit of God operating in man to regenerate or strengthen him, is given in measure. The measure is dependent on the measure of the stature of Christ inherent in the would-be recipient. Twelve were the apostles of Christ and when one died after betraying Christ, another was elected in his stead. But when the chips were down, the sick were laid on the sides of the street for the shadow of Peter passing by to heal. This was not recorded for any other of the twelve. When Dorcas died, the Church stood still to invite Peter for her to be raised. None other of the apostles was so sought after. Not because the others were without grace, no. It means the measure of the grace of God upon Peter was more than that of the others. The difference being that Peter knew the Christ and imbibed His Spirit more than the others.

Moses knew God. Indeed, God made him a god to Pharaoh and his elder brother, Aaron. Through him, ten plagues were wrought in Egypt. He parted the sea for his people to pass on dry ground; brought water from the rock; ensured manna was available for the people to eat; spoke and there was an earthquake and so on. Yet, he knew he did not have enough of God to assume he had arrived. He sought to know God the more. Paul was of the same kind: despite the great things the Lord had been doing through him with aprons and handkerchiefs from his body healing the sick, he still wanted to know Christ the more and in entirety. Unless and until we get to the stature of the fullness of Christ in all its ramification, we cannot expect to show great measure of grace. The little we show is based on the so little knowledge we know of Him even though we pride ourselves for knowing Him when truly we are bereft of His knowledge.

God is poised to release unto us greater measure of grace if we are willing to acquire a better knowledge of Christ and grow in our stature in Him. It is not enough to say at least I have also started to issue commands and see them come to pass. Until we get to the point of doing greater works than Christ did manifestly, we are yet to start. The world is cringing under the weight of the yoke of the bondage placed on them by the evil one. But grace is available for those who will imbibe more of Christ to give them reprieve. Can God count on you?

Pray: Father, I want more of you. Grant me the opportunity to know you more that I may increase in grace for your service in Jesus name.

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