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Eye opener

Memorize: Psalms 146:8

The LORD openeth the eyes of the blind: the LORD raiseth them that are bowed down: the LORD loveth the righteous:

Read: Genesis 22:1-13

Blindness is the state of having less than a tenth of normal vision in the eye even after the correction of the defect therein. Blindness can be physical, mental or spiritual. Spiritual blindness is the inability to see things that are not physical though they exist. For instance, Elisha’s servant was spiritually blind in that he could not see the array of spiritual soldiers standing guard for his master and by extension himself when the Syrian soldiers came for an assault.

Whether it be spiritual, mental or physical, God can open blind eyes. Many people operate amid plenty without knowing it or taking benefit of it. For instance, crude oil had been in the earth in many places and same had been there undetected by occupants of the land generation in, generation out until somehow God brings them to see it. In the same manner, it is possible to be near the solution to your life issues without knowing it. If you are on the side of God, He will make you lie down in green pastures. You must however understand the use to put the pasture to. Also, you must be at the place God has directed you to or chosen for you to be able to see at all what God has in stock for you. God told Abraham specifically to go to a named mountain to sacrifice his son. Before he got there, God already had ready a lamb for the sacrifice. If Abraham had not gone to the specific location, he may just have wasted Isaac for nothing. In his likely frenzy about having to sacrifice his son, he became blind to his environment and did not notice the already prepared lamb until God spoke and he looked up.

There is a user of this Guide who is currently blinded to his surroundings because of certain things agitating his mind. The Lord is asking you to look up to Him today and then attentively observe your environment in that your circumstance and He would open your eyes to see solution which you never observed hitherto. Don’t focus so much on the problem; rather look unto God, your eye opener and He will open those eyes in Jesus name. It does not matter whether the vision you need is physical, mental or spiritual, God will open your eyes to see if you will look up to Him in Jesus name.


Father, please open my eyes to see the wondrous things you have prepared for my good in the land where you have kept me in Jesus name.

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