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Fear Not! God will help you!

Key verse: Isaiah 41:13

For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee.

2 Kings 7:1-11

Happy New Month beloved. It is not by accident that we woke up this beautiful morning. It is that The Most High has a special purpose for our beings that we are alive. For some, He made them so that others may learn from them how not to be wicked towards God, such that at their ending, they are more of a laughing stock. Ask Pharaoh whose first born was killed before he let Israel go. May that not be our lot in Jesus name. For many others, the Lord allowed them to go through the hardship they passed through in the hands of the enemy so that they may appreciate the Lord the more and serve Him better when they experience their turn around. This will be our lot in Jesus name.

Israel was placed under siege by their Syrian neighbors. By all human calculation, there was no escape for Israel as they were like caged birds in their domain for the enemy to bombard. It had even reached the level that the people experienced great famine in that nothing good was being experienced again in the land – there was draught and no harvest. But Israel had a Great Ally in their God. While all these was happening to them, the Lord allowed it to get to its extreme and then, that He may prove Himself, He sent His prophet to take some good news to the King who was hapless at the time. Lo and behold, Israel needed not fight a war with the Syrians that laid siege before overcoming them and taking over their possessions. All that was necessary was for the enemy to hear a noise and for some outcasts to bring the news of the work of God to the people for their benefit. As the Lord lives whom we serve, help is coming your way from the Lord this month in Jesus name. It does not matter how impossible the situation appears, the One with whom nothing shall be impossible is here to help you and all eyes shall see it in the name of Jesus.

Whatever we have been experiencing before now may be the way of the Lord to show Himself mighty in our affairs in the end. All that is important is to remain in the Camp of the Lord. Once we are, then we need not fear as the Lord our God has promised to help us. Help is coming your way today in Jesus name. if you have not been, quickly change to the side of the Lord to forestall your becoming a vile example to others. Act now.

Pray: Father, I look up to you for help in my circumstance. Please come through for me like you came through for Israel to rescue them from the Syrian siege in Jesus name.

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